Telephone Killer – 30

Well now, that really was a bold move on the part of the Telephone Killer to just ride into ceremonies of the opening of the park and shoot the Lieutenant governor. But then he always has been daring. Poor Williams he’s about at his wits end with this case.

by Paul J. StamPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]


Williams sat at his desk chastising himself for having been taken in with all the talk about the airport. If all the manpower had not been concentrated out there they might have caught the assassin. The latest reports were that the Lieutenant Governor was alive but in critical condition. Two vertebrae had been shattered and if he lived, he would never walk again. Little by little, the information was coming in. Ballistics had confirmed the gun was a 9-millimeter, the same gun that killed Officer Remke and John Crawford.

He had a copy of what Ginger took showing the rider approaching, shooting and getting away until he disappeared around the back of the children’s park. They had a witness who was with her three-year-old son in the children’s park who saw the rider go down into the gully and up the other side. He disappeared behind the arrangement of large, artificial stones that had been intended for children to climb and play on. There was no eyewitness who could place where he went from there, but they found the motorcycle behind the maintenance shed in the middle at the back of the enlarged park. Behind and on two sides of the shed lilac bush grew thick and tall. There was a space about four feet between where the lilacs were planted and the walls of the shed. The lilacs spread out as they grew up so at the top they were touching the eves of the roof. It was a dusty place where wild chickens liked to nest on hot days.

This was the Fourth of July weekend and what few workers were there, all hurried to the ceremony area when they heard the shooting and the screaming. It was between the lilacs and the back of the shed that they found the dirt bike, a pair of white coveralls, white cotton gloves and the helmet. There were no prints anywhere on the bike or helmet. They were trying to trace the dirt bike, but dirt bikes did not need license plates if they were not going to be used on streets and highways. The only way to trace it was with the serial number. They sent the make, model and serial number to all the dealers hoping one of them would be able to tell them who had bought it.

A couple of kids thought they saw a bearded jogger wearing blue shorts and tank top coming from the direction of the maintenance shed. The police who searched the area found a false beard, running shoes and blue jogging attire in the trash bin of the men’s rest room. The shoes also did not have any prints on them. The shoes and clothing were so common Williams knew there was not much hope of learning anything from the stores that sold those lines.

There were a few things they knew about the assailant. He was not a large man. They estimated him to be about five-feet seven-inches tall with a slim build, but that was all they had. Motorcycle patrolmen who had looked at the video had agreed the man was an excellent rider. It was evident the man was also a marksman. To get that close a pattern with one hand when shooting from a moving object was very good and would have taken a great deal of practice. His men immediately started contacting all kinds of motorcycle clubs and gun clubs to get a list of their members.

Williams had brought all his men in from the airport. The thing that bothered him was that there was an inconsistency. The TK had never before given false information. He had always withheld information, but he had never given deliberate misinformation. Why did he do it this time? Why did he say it would be the airport when he was all the time planning to make his attack at the park? That was not like the TK and the inconsistency bothered Williams. He got up from his desk and after telling Sergeant Lewis where he was going, headed for the park. He had not been to the crime scene yet. He did not think he would discover anything the others had not already learned, but he wanted to see the place for himself.

The workmen were taking away the audience chairs, but the speaker’s platform was still in place with yellow tape blocking off the area. The officer on duty took him around telling him as best he could how it happened. Williams started around the children’s area following where the assailant may have gone. At the corner, the train was going around on its carousel. There was only one child in the engine car and one father powering the merry-go-round. Around the base of the carousel he saw the words: TRAIN DEPOT — TRAIN DEPOT — TRAIN DEPOT. He walked over where the bike went into the gully and then up the other side to the rocks. He continued around the children’s area. The bus carousel was empty and around the bottom were the words. BUS DEPOT — BUS DEPOT — BUS DEPOT. The boat HARBOR carousel was doing better with four of its six plastic boats carrying passengers. Two mothers were there keeping it going. Headed back toward the crime scene he knew what the ride in that corner was going to be named. All six plastic airplanes hanging from three chains each had a child in them. Two mothers stood side-by-side pushing the handles that kept the planes flying. Around the bottom was the word. AIRPORT — AIRPORT — AIRPORT. He walked away shaking his head. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

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Murder Sets Sail – 5

Myra can’t get out of it now. She is involved in a plan to murder someone and the is no way she can get out of it, or can she? Doesn’t look like it, but she’s a smart girl and really down deep is  good person, but is that enough?

 Murder Sets Sail is published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


 The afternoon flight was right on time. In a window seat in the first class section, Myra Jenkins looked out of the window at her first view of green mountain islands with ribbons of white sand beaches. Looking down she was able to forget temporarily her fears of the past week.

That morning a limousine from a service, rather than one of the company limousines, took the three of them to the airport. They used their new passports, already stamped with Tahiti visas, for identification. George had been a little nervous with all the security checks that someone might recognize him before he got away. Even boarding the plane he paused for a moment to look around the first class compartment to see if there was anyone on board who might know him before going ahead of her to their seats. It was not till they were off the ground that he relaxed.

Now with the runway passing beneath her window Myra could feel his reserve and caution returning. They stayed in their seats after the plane stopped in order to be the last ones off the plane. In the terminal he gave Steve the ticket stubs instructing him to call on the cell phone when the luggage was in the taxi. George had decided to take his chances with a taxi rather than reserving a limousine in advance as Steve had suggested. “Less conspicuous,” he had said. Continue reading

Outrageous! Terrible! Scandalous!

This is terrible! It has to be murder. I mean, she didn’t die of a heart attack or something like that. No one gets undressed and then has a heart attack on the church steps. Some one had to kill her and then put her body there. But who? Surely not one of the pastors. Somebody must have done it to embarrass the church for some reason. These were some of the things people were thinking when they learned that a naked body had been found on the church steps of the First Aloha Tabernacle of Honolulu.

Here is a little from Body On the Church Steps; a new novel coming very soon from Second Wind Publishing.

Paul J. Stam


She was young, exceptionally beautiful, and except for her sheer lace panties, completely naked and very dead. She lay at the top of the steps that led up to the front of the church. If you stood in just the right place you could see two of her, her real self and her reflection in the large, plate-glass, front doors to the church. Her head was turned to hang over the top step with her long, blond hair cascading down over the next two steps. Her right arm lay stretched out on the second step and her left arm was thrown back over her head. She looked as though she had been arranged to have a picture taken for an art calendar or some magazine. It was hard to believe that someone so young and beautiful was dead. But then it was also hard to imagine anyone alive would be lying naked on the church steps.

In the early morning light it was too perfect a picture to contain death. Her open eyes looked up to the clear blue of the Hawaiian sky, which matched the color of her eyes. The white, billowing clouds drifted over the tops of the Ko`olau range just as they were supposed to. Hawaiian tradition said that if ever there were no clouds over those mountains the island would sink into the sea. Continue reading

Murder Sets Sail – 4

Myra is beautiful, she is smart, she is talented, but her beauty, and her talent, and her smarts were not enough to keep her from hooking up with the wrong guy. Oh, I know, he seemed nice enough, but . . .

Murder Sets Sail is published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


Sitting in her apartment after George returned and gave her the money to pay the travel agent, Myra knew any chances of ever having a real acting career had come to an end. Acting was all she had ever really wanted to do. She was twenty-one when she graduated from the University of Minnesota with an impressive list of credits from the University Theater, the Showboat Theater, educational television productions, various community theaters and local television commercials.

English: The new Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis

Upon graduation she auditioned successfully at the prestigious Tyrone Guthrie Theater. Her parents, discovering she was employed in a vocation they considered questionable if not displeasing to God, wrote and called her constantly begging her to do something worthwhile with her life. She let the machine screen all her calls so she never actually talked to them. No matter how often she changed her phone, even getting a number that was unlisted, they somehow managed to find her number and start calling again. They always ended their messages with, “We’re praying for you, Darling,” which she highly resented. She didn’t need, or want, them praying for her. After a year with the Guthrie she left for California hoping to establish herself beyond her parents’ reach. Continue reading

Telephone Killer – 29

Well, here it is, Ralph’s big day. Lets hope nothing goes wrong. Or maybe we should say let’s hope something doesn’t go right so that someone won’t get killed. But if no one gets killed we wouldn’t have a story, would we?

by Paul J. StamPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00023]


Saturday, July 3rd, was a clear, cloudless day. At nine-thirty in the morning it was pleasant in the park with an occasional gentle breeze off the river. Not far from the children’s area workmen were making preparation for the ‟official” opening of the park. A concrete path separated the audience from the speaker’s platform.

When Ralph and his crew arrived workmen were setting up the last of the chairs while others were testing the sound system. The ceremonies were scheduled for ten thirty, but Ralph had his crew there an hour early to get his people into the best positions before crews from other stations arrived.

Moore positioned his cameras on either side of the set up chairs. ‟Ginger, you stay here and shoot things in general, the reaction of the crowd and be ready for any protesters who might want to disrupt the meeting. Keep your camera mike on to get the general sounds. We can always remove the sound later if we need to.” Continue reading

I Know Not What I do

DSC02094One of the wonderful things about trying to do clay sculpture is that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Oh, I know a little, but when I start out I really don’t know what I’m going to end up with. This is what I ended up with on my first attempt at this one. Call it a finished-unfinished piece.

I once attempted to do wood carvings. But once you chip something away from a piece of wood there is not putting it back, whereas with clay if you take too much away, take some off, – don’t have enough clay in some spot, add a little.

Well enough of my philosophizing.

DSC02072DSC02074I saw a picture of a stone sculpture one time and thought I would try to do it. This is what I started with.

To that I had to add some legs. As you can see they are not proportionally equal. The straight leg is much fatter than the bent one. Like I said, the wonderful thing about clay is you can scrape away any that is too much. Continue reading

Murder Sets Sail – 3

You’ve met Chris. He’s the nice, but a not so smart, nice guy with a boat for charter. And you’ve met George who is the most bad of the bad guys. Now meet Myra. She’s a nice enough girl who hasn’t always made the best decisions. But you’ll learn about that as you read this excerpt.

Murder Sets Sail is published by Second Wind Publishing.

by Paul J. Stam


Myra Jennings was just straightening up from putting a sheet of cookies in the oven when George let himself in. She was wearing a print dress under her apron and there were little beads of perspiration on her forehead just below the line of blond hair. She pushed a strand of wavy, blond hair away from in front of her blue eyes, “I wasn’t expecting you. I look a mess. I was just making a batch of cookies,” she said taking off her apron.

He put his arms around her and kissed her playfully on the nose. “You look beautiful,” he said and meant it.

“Do you want a drink?”

“Yeah,” he said going into the living room while she turned to get the Coke and limes out of the refrigerator. “How would you like to go to Hawaii?” he called from the living room.

“I’d love to.”

“Well, that’s where we’re off to. Call Ricky and tell him I need passports for George and Myra Harris and Steve Harris.” He wondered for an instant why he had chosen the name “Harris” and then remembered it was the name of the Limey with the Hong Kong boat. “I’ll send the photos over by messenger this afternoon. Tell him I want those passports by tomorrow.”

“Do we need passports for Hawaii?” she asked knowing full well they didn’t, which meant this was not the holiday she had thought when he asked if she wanted to go to Hawaii. She also knew that having agreed to go and having been told to arrange for the false passports she couldn’t back out. Continue reading